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This site is very much under construction, and perhaps it'll remain so for quite some time.

In the meanwhile...

Prashnayantra: A Yogasana Problem Statement Generator

Prashnayantra is a fun yet genuine problem statement generator to get problem statements for a deeper understanding of yoga.

More here on the About page

lcc and ASDL

here's a document that I am preparing in the course of some project that we're doing. It talks about using lcc with ASDL support, and describes the lcc intermediate representation.

lcc with ASDL and the IR it generates

The Lambda Calculus Mail Series

Here's a page I prepared out of a mail series that I ran, to read and learn about lambda calculus. Would make nice reading for somebody interested.

The Lambda Calculus Mail Series

O maybe I hadn't completely understood that.

Next is a light-hearted article I wrote about how sometimes we don't really understand some concepts thoroughly. I have used the example of the mathematical concept of limits to illustrate that.

O maybe I hadn't completely understood that.

Paratrooper - a game in Haskell

Here's a game that I wrote in Haskell.


Plot4 - a game in Haskell

Another interesting game I wrote in Haskell.

Plot 4

My page for the ICFP 2003 programming contest.

ICFP 2003


There's this thought that has come up telling me that it'll be a good thing to write a review of everything that I read. Here goes.

Srineet's Reviews

Search Google for Lyrics Winamp Plugin

Find the fun winamp lyrics plugin here.

ehasktags - hasktags enhanced

A tags file generator for Haskell. Just tweaked hasktags (which is distributed with GHC) and made a few enhancements. Here is my ehasktags page.

My Animations

Have been playing with the cute EasyToon tool and have created some animations. You'll find it in the My Animations page.

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My mail address: srineet at gmail dot com (I have written it like this to avoid spam from automated bots).