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My Animations

I found this real cool tool called "EasyToon" that lets you make drawings one after another, and then plays it as an animation. (The english version is here: http://nyuu.cellosoft.com/projects/trans.htm ). Also, it can export these to animated gifs.

I've been playing around with it. Here are the animations I produced.

If you like it (or even if you don't) please send comments to srineet@gmail.com

Click on the links below to see the animations.

- Srineet.

29 May 2005: In Pune, Cattle has right of way

25 Oct 2004: South Indian Coffee

23 Oct 2004: Clock In The Morning

22 Oct 2004: Butterfly on Flower

22 Oct 2004: Cannon Backfire

21 Oct 2004: Birds On Animal