Paratrooper in Haskell

This is the page for the game Paratrooper that I implemented in Haskell.

Paratrooper used to be a popular game on DOS. There was another very similar game called Ack Attack. The game consists of a gun stationed on the ground, which the player controls. There are helicopters flying above, whom the player can shoot. Paratroopers jump out of the helicopters. The objective is to not let the paratroopers land. If four paratroopers land, and get to the gun, the gun is destroyed, and the game over.

Paratrooper had another thing that Ack Attack did not, and nor does this program have. It had a fighter plane that came sometimes and fired at the gun. The player then had to shoot the bullet fired at the gun, before it destroys the gun.

For quite some time, I wanted to write a small but complete program in Haskell. This is the result. Unfortunately, for this program, I can claim much neither in elegance nor in efficieny. This was written in whatever time I got off from work, and am happy that it reached completion.

My high score so far: 1606.

A request

Please do give me any kind of feedback whatsoever, on the source or the game. Also, if you build the source on any platform, the binary for which is not available on this page, please do send the binary to me at srineet at yahoo dot com (written that way in the hope of tricking the automated spambots).


The source

Nice readable/printable para.pdf (view using the free Acrobat Reader).
The literate Haskell para.lhs (I have renamed it to para.lhs.txt because my hosting service won't show files with unknown extensions)