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Last Updated: 30th Jan 2004

Search Google for Lyrics Winamp Plugin

When I listen to songs on my machine (using winamp) I often open a browser and look for lyrics. Then thought of writing a plugin to do the same.

Here's a quick General Purpose Winamp plugin: gen_lyrics.dll .

For my winamp version (v 2.80) you just have to copy the dll to the plugins directory under winamp. Then go to "Visualization -> Select Plugin -> General Purpose Plugins" and you'll be able to select this one.

Having selected the plugin, whenever you load winamp you should see an icon in the system tray. When a song is playing, just Left Click on the icon to search for the song's lyrics using Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky". Use right click to do a normal Google search (without "I'm Feeling Lucky").

Right now, I use the name of the playing file to generate keywords for lyrics search.

Have fun! Let me know of any feedback!


Enhance the plugins to use mp3 song/artist information tags to generate keywords for lyrics search.

- Srineet.